Summer Nicole | 16 | July Babie | NYCJETSETTER
I Made This TUMBLR For Daniel Dwayne "DIGGY" Simmons III . I Love Him With Everything And I Support Him To The Very Fullest. I Appreciate Everything He Does For His Fans. Reasons Why I LOVE Diggy: He Inspires Me And Makes It Possible That A Teenager Can Be Successful On His Own And Without The Help Of His Parents. Diggy Does This On His Own And People May Not Take The Time Out To Know That Because Most People Jump To Conclusions And Think Just Because His Father Is Who He Is That Everything Can Come By A Snap Of A Finger. He Is So Lyrical And Very Matured To Be A 16 Year Old Boy. I Love Everything About Him From His Swag To His White Shiny Smile To His Style And The Way He Dresses. Most Of The Time People Don't Understand The Type Of Love I Have For Diggy . I Really Don't Care If Someone Says I'm A Groupie I'm This And That Because I Know That I LOVE Him And Support Him And His Music To The Best Of My Ability . I Will Always Be There For Diggy. Doesn't Matter If I Don't Know Him Personally And He Knows It. I Will Always Love This Boy No Matter What . Diggy Is Just D I G G Y . He's So Determined And He Strives For Everything That He Wants . His DAD Being Who He Is Has No Part Of Diggy And He Does This By Himself . I Can't Say It Enough I Love Him SOOOOOOOOOO Much Words Cannot Explain . I Have Had The Amazing Opportunity To Meet Diggy, Leave Something In My "Ask" Box If You Wanna Know How THAT Went Down! & Um, I Go Hard So If U Say Anything Negative About Him TRUST That I Will Go Even HARDER . - Summer Nicole .
I see that you show an interest in modeling ... You definitely have the look! How would you go about pursuing it?


How would I go about pursing it? Just being myself and staying TRUE to myself no matter how the modeling industry. I do local shows to get me where I need to be! But yeah!

can u do a duet with me plz


lol. I mean… can happen

How do you keep your skin clear? What type of face wash do you use or method?


I was my face daily and I use proactive every other day.

Whyyyyy do you think your cuteeeee?


I never said I was, just being me ya know! try it!

Do you think you're pretty?


I mean…I think I’m okay.


Sorry for not sticking with my blog for diggy, I have been soooooooooo busy, but I’m sure my blog wasn’t missed! Let me know in my messages if I should continue with this, I haven’t been persistent with it.